Brampton Manor’s Bake Off

Brampton Manor, Newmarket enjoyed participating in National Baking Week in mid-October. With Britain’s fascination with baking and cooking shows growing each year, baking at home is as popular as ever.
Baking fresh cakes, bread and pastries makes us all feel good apart from eating the yummy creations because:
1. Baking stimulates the senses
2.Nourishing activities feel good
3. Cooking is meditative
4. Baking is creative
5. Baking makes other people happy.
We have had an eventful week here at Brampton Manor Care home to celebrate National Baking Week. Both, our ladies and gentlemen residents enjoyed expressing their unique baking styles to create some delicious treats. We have had a visit from Ian Cummings who was in the final of Great British Bake-off in 2015. We all thoroughly enjoyed listening to his incredible stories while indulging in a cake tasting activity. This was a real opportunity for our residents to reminisce and relate with someone who is also very passionate about baking.
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