Festive Cheer with a Christmas Tree Competition at Boutique Care Homes 

In the spirit of some festive fun, both Boutique Care Homes participated in a Christmas tree decorating competition. 
The homes competed in two categories: a) the most creatively decorated tree and b) the best decorated tree.
Residents and staff really enjoyed taking part, and it was a definitely a team effort with everyone involved in coming up with ideas.
Brampton Manor, Newmarket won the award for the most creatively decorated tree by entering the competition with a very topically themed ‘Thank You Care Heroes’ Christmas tree, adorned with team members’ photographs, face masks, 
Covid tests and gloves! The tree’s finishing touch from the Brampton Manor wished, “those that work in social care a Merry Christmas and thank you”. 
The Burlington, Shepperton won the award for the best decorated tree, entering red and silver trees which were elegant and refined, decorated with handmade decorations by our residents.
One of the competition’s judges, Genevieve Carnell, said,  “A huge well done to all involved. We were astounded by the inspiration, creativity and teamwork involved in presenting such spectacular Christmas trees.”
Boutique Care Homes is a small expanding group of family run care homes, focused on providing a high standard of care and living to our residents. 
Priya Bhayani, the co-judge of the competition commented that, “this competition reflects the fun culture and atmosphere we have within our homes, where we want both residents and team members to feel part of something truly special this Christmas.”
Festive Cheer at Boutique Care Homes
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