How gardening can benefit older people

Gardening is a hobby that lots of people enjoy as they get older. It’s a great way to stimulate both the body and the mind, as well creating a beautiful space to enjoy.


There are many benefits to gardening, the main being that it is a great form of low impact exercise. Digging, planting and harvesting are all great ways to help improve strength and suppleness, as well as exercising a range of motor skills without doing anything too strenuous. Being outdoors is also a great way to soak up some vitamin D, which is vital for maintaining bone strength as you get older.


As for the mental benefits of gardening, being out in the sunshine can also help reduce the risk of depression, and the fresh air can help with focus and concentration. Gardening can help provide a much-needed sense of achievement and also is a great way to socialise, many areas have gardening clubs which are the perfect place to meet new people and can offer a sense of community, sharing helpful hints and tips to make your garden flourish.

At The Burlington, we have a beautiful outdoor space for everyone to use, and a number of our ground floor rooms have access to their own patios. Our Garden Lounge and Piano Lounge feature bi-folding doors that lead out to the courtyard garden, complete with gazebo and ample seating. Plus, all rooms have windows overlooking the gardens or green spaces, so nature is never far away.


Our outdoor space is safe and secure, with flat walkways to provide easy access for those who have difficulty walking. We have mature trees and shrubs, along with plenty of planters for residents to put their green fingers to good use, or if gardening isn’t for them, they can just enjoy the changing colours through the seasons.