Importance of care home design to help those with Dementia

Brampton Manor Dementia Care Home in Newmarket, Suffolk, has a dedicated Nostalgia Community specifically designed to help people living with dementia to live a more fulfilled life. The home is located at the heart of the market town of Newmarket in Suffolk, renowned as the birthplace and global centre of Thoroughbred horse racing. 

Brampton Manor is also perfectly situated for someone searching for a care home in Kentford, Snailwell, Burwell and Fordham. We have a strong presence within our local communities and the wider Suffolk and Cambridgeshire communities including Ely, Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill.

Brampton Manor specialises in dedicated dementia care, ensuring you that your loved one is cared for by our specifically trained, compassionate team in an environment designed to help those living with dementia.

Our key dementia features include the following:

Keep spaces light, bright and calm. 

We ensure that the bedrooms and communal areas allow in plenty of light and have a bright, calm and homely feel, with a touch of timeless elegance. This simply describes Boutique’s charm and tone. 

We have a choice of communal areas for your loved one to enjoy, ranging from; comfortable and homely lounges and dining rooms, a hair and nail salon, cinema, and hobby room.

Design simple, noticeable signage to help residents orientate around the home.

Even though Brampton Manor’s Nostalgia Community seamlessly blends into the rest of the home as one community, we have specific dementia designed signage to help residents orientate around the home. This helps our residents feel relaxed and at ease while moving freely within the community.

Include interesting and tactile displays.

We have many points of interest throughout the Nostalgia Community at Brampton Manor, including rummage boxes, tactile displays of different textures and colours.

Create spaces for residents to reminisce and relax.

Brampton Manor has a variety of communal spaces for residents to reminisce, relax, and enjoy activities to meet their needs while living with dementia. These activities include gardening, doll therapy, exercise and agility classes to name a few. Listening to music of different genres and decades is also therapeutic and relaxing for our residents.

Enable residents to be independent and socialise

We encourage residents living with dementia to maintain as much independence as possible and to socialise within their community. We are also developing the community link for our families and team members to support each other. To do this we will have regular dementia support ‘get togethers’ so families can share experiences and be a support network for each other.

Call us now on 01638 597 130 to speak to a member of our team or to arrange a viewing of Newmarket’s leading dementia care community.

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