International Nurses Day Celebration and more at The Burlington 

Keep Fit and Fabulous

We were able to catch a few rays and a game of boules during a burst of sunshine, while a ball and balance class helps us keep fit and fabulous. Finishing off with Bingo and an evening of Dominoes and chit chat!

Dementia Awareness Training and Art Therapy

We had Dementia Awareness training with the fabulous Su Burns. Our art enthusiasts worked on still life study with the vibrant colours of fresh fruit and in Yoga we practiced gong and chime therapy, each person creating beautiful sounds and sensory atmosphere.

Family Visits and Mental Health Awareness

Visits from loved ones always bring smiles and joy for all. Rainy days are just as good inside when it comes to games! Great end to Mental Health Awareness Week with Gardening for Health! Great work from residents and staff! A great start to the UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week with staff and residents joining together for calming and revitalising meditations, mindful yoga and favourite games. our wonderful Win’s Birthday! A big thank you to our amazing catering and activities team for a wonderful weekend.

International Nurses Day Celebrations

Wishing our wonderful nurses at The Burlington and all the District Nurses who support us a very happy #internationalnursesday! We all recognise and appreciate the incredible contribution your profession makes to so many people, every single day. You are all truly special and an inspiration to others in everything you do.

Precious New Baby Arrival and Doll Therapy

Precious moments with new arrivals at times like these are pure gold! A Happy Birthday surprise for a special staff member Richard.

Walk to the Park

Wonderful to be able to walk to the park again to see our beautiful surroundings. A day of celebrating another special lady’s birthday, poetry reading, and games and manicures.
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