January - February 2022
at Brampton Manor Care Home

Recognition Awards for our Outstanding Team

We have quarterly awards to nominate colleagues who go above and beyond! A huge well done to all our amazing team members who were nominated by colleagues, residents and relatives for an award at our quarterly Recognition Awards for Outstanding People!

Celebrating Italy and Cheese!

Recently our lovely ladies and gents enjoyed an Italian themed afternoon. Our talented chefs did a great job on an English take of an Italian meal. Well done chef's it looked amazing, "Neil, Jackie, Julie, Andrian too, you all cook thee most amazing meals/food for all the residents and staff. well done to you all. X"
On National Cheese Lovers Day we spent it having a cheese and wine afternoon. Of course with the specific wine for each chosen cheese.

National Have Fun at Work Day

Staff enjoyed National Have Fun at Work Day. Where we had a takeaway and all took part in a little sporty tournament to burn it off. Our lovely Emma thrashed the team and got a voucher as a prize.

Virtual Dementia Tour

All staff partook in the VDT - Virtual Dementia Tour.  An immersive dementia experience where you get to feel what it’s like to live with dementia. The session also gives you a full debrief of what was happening in your brain during the tour. This Training further equips you with a greater knowledge and understanding of how to make life better for people living with dementia. By understanding the issues faced by a person with dementia, we can unlock new ways to communicate, understand their behaviours, reduce frustration, anxiety and really improve their lives.

Trips out to Nancy's Tea Shop and the National Stud

We enjoyed a small outing to Nancy's Teashop in Newmarket. Where residents recall going to in years gone by. Harry also got a lesson on how to pour “proper tea”. Everything was amazing, it's going to be a favourite! Residents enjoyed a guided tour of the National Stud in Newmarket. It was a brilliant morning, finished off with some amazing autumnal views of Newmarket.
Brampton Manor Care Home Newmarket
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