We realise that you will have lots of questions about our care home and what is involved when a loved one joins us. We want the process to be as stress-free as possible, with that in mind we have collected some frequently asked questions. If there is anything specific that you want to know then please ask us a question using the form below.

How best to pay for a stay in a Care Home is a topic we are frequently asked about so we consulted an expert in this area, Nicky Cave, Managing Director of Eldercare Solution Ltd, and asked for his thoughts about the options self-funders have.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the journey of placing my loved one in to a Boutique Care Home?
What care options do you offer?
Does the home provide the right type of care for your needs?
Do we do short stays?
Can the home be reached easily by friends and relatives who will visit?
What are your fees?
What is included in the weekly fees?
What services/facilities/items are charged as extras?
Do I have to sell my property to pay for care?
Buying a care fees annuity
Investing my money
Do we take social services fee?
How often can family members visit?
Are friends and relatives invited to events?
Is there an activities programme?
What activities are on offer in a Boutique Care Home?
Are outings/events available?
What meals do you provide?
Do you cater for cultural and dietary requirements?
Are residents’ religious needs met?
Do we have our own private GP?
Do staff receive regular training?
Are your homes accessible to those with mobility needs?

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