A Drive Through History: Residents’ Stories From Chartwell House Car Show

On Saturday, September 30th, Chartwell House Care Home warmly welcomed the Ramsgate Classic Car Show, in partnership with Academy FM, for an unforgettable Classic Car Show. The event featured a collection of classic cars that resonated with residents, sparking nostalgic memories and heartfelt stories.

Resident Sheila Poupard’s connection to the day was particularly touching. The 1933 Railton, lovingly restored by her late husband Julian, took centre stage. This classic beauty, believed to be the first production Railton, held a special place in Sheila’s heart.

Sheila shared, “We have quite a lot of old cars and my husband did them up. We bought the Railton many years ago, and it was in pieces. He spent a couple of years fixing it up. We went to a lot of places in it, all over the country and car shows. It was my favourite car in his collection.”

This heartwarming story of Sheila and Julian, who were married for an impressive 60 years, highlighted the enduring love between the couple.

Diana Dickinson, another resident of Chartwell House, encountered a red MG BGT at the event, bringing back vivid memories of her career as a police officer. She fondly recalled, “I was driving this car for about 10 years, and there are a lot of memories in those cars.”

Diana’s memorable story included an incident where she and her fellow officers had to arrest a towering soldier who had gone AWOL. With a chuckle, she added, “When we got to his address we found him, he was 6 foot 6. Trying to fold him up inside the MG was quite difficult.”

The Classic Car Show also featured vehicles that resonated with other residents, such as the Vauxhall Viva and an older convertible Rover, further adding to the nostalgia of the day.

Jude Coveney, Admissions Manager at Chartwell House, “A truly inspiring time with so many happy memories recalled. A massive thank you to The Ramsgate Classic Car Club for bringing along their amazing collection of cars. Thanks to 107.8 Academy FM Thanet for co-hosting the event and providing the soundtrack to the show.”

Diane Collins, Home Manager at Chartwell House, extended her appreciation, “We want to send a huge thank you to Debra for driving Sheila’s very own vintage car to the event, her smile says it all! Having driven hundreds of miles in the car over the years with her husband, what a delight to have it with us on the day.”

The Classic Car Show at Chartwell House Care Home was a heartwarming event, celebrating the power of cherished stories & enduring appeal of classic cars. For more information about Chartwell House and to stay updated on our future events, visit our website at boutiquecarehomes.co.uk.