Boutique Care Homes Christmas Card Competition Winners Announced

Teams and residents were delighted to receive their winning designs printed and specially delivered for the Boutique Care Homes Christmas Card Competition 2022

This years competition featured a different winning design from each of the three homes,The Burlington, and From The Burlington, resident D. Webber created a warm and moving scene that conveyed a message that Christmas is about feeling at home, and celebrating at home. Set to a beautiful winter scene the card exudes the spirit of Christmas that left the judges suitably impressed.

At Chartwell House, which is opening to its first residents in January 2023, Admissions Manager, Jude Coveney, created the homes very own coat of arms that featured key elements including; waves- which commemorated the first seaside home for the group with the symbol of waves representing; faith, hope and joy even in the deepest of troubles.

The design also featured the initials CH for Chartwell House a flower in the centre symbolising a ‘Forget me not’, Est 2022 to mark the building of the home and a banner with the Boutique Care Homes moto.

Brampton Manor’s design featured a collection of festive photos of Christmas past to commemorate the feeling of family, community and the festive spirit.

Head of the Boutique Care Homes Family Ameet Kotecha, commented on the result: “These cards are the perfect reminder that the true spirit of Christmas is the gift of good company, when family, friends and colleagues coming together to celebrate. This is what we strive to provide every day in our homes. Of course, we all enjoy opening gifts, but what really matters most is having high quality relationships which make us feel loved.”

The Boutique Care Homes Christmas competitions are a way of bringing family, team and residents together in the spirit of joy and togetherness and embrace the value of being a united family, coming together to create something extraordinary. This year also features a tree decorating competition and a Gingerbread house competition.