Boutique Care Homes Founder Takes On ‘I’m a Director, Get Me Out of Here!’ Challenge In Aid of Carers

Boutique Care Homes is thrilled to announce that its Founder and Managing Director, Ameet Kotecha, will be stepping out of the boardroom and into the wild for a noble cause. Ameet is set to participate in the thrilling 'I'm a Director, Get Me Out of Here!' fundraising challenge, organised by Crossroads Care Surrey.

In this exciting event, Directors from across Surrey will courageously tackle various Bushtucker trials and unforeseen challenges, all in the spirit of raising funds for Crossroads Care Surrey. The aim? To crown the caring King or Queen of Surrey while supporting the invaluable work of Crossroads Care Surrey in aiding unpaid carers throughout the region.

The latest census has revealed a staggering statistic: over 120,000 unpaid carers reside in Surrey alone, comprising 10% of the population. With an aging demographic, this number is undoubtedly on the rise. These unsung heroes tirelessly devote themselves to the care of their loved ones, often at great personal sacrifice. Yet, they receive no holiday, sick pay, or respite from their responsibilities.

Ameet Kotecha who launched the first care home under the Boutique Care Home’s banner in 2019, The Burlington in Shepperton, shares his motivation for participating in this challenge, stating, “Family carers are the unsung heroes of the care community, tirelessly dedicating themselves to the well-being of their loved ones, often without recognition. Boutique Care Homes stands proudly as an advocate for their invaluable support.”

‘I’m a Director, Get Me Out of Here! will take place on Friday, June 7th, 2024, at the prestigious Foxhills Club & Resort. For more information and to donate to this challenge please visit:

Crossroads Care Surrey is committed to supporting unpaid carers, including young carers, by providing respite breaks, companionship visits, and end-of-life care. With your generous contributions, we can ensure that these caregivers receive the support they need and deserve.