Boutique Care Homes Reveal Arts in Care Homes Week Competition Winners

Boutique Care Homes is delighted to announce the winners of their National Arts in Care Home Week 2023 competition, a celebration of creativity and artistic expression within the care home community.

This year’s theme, ‘reflections,’ inspired residents, teams, and communities across our care homes to participate in a wide range of arts-based activities, showcasing their immense talents.

Priya Bhayani, Quality Director at Boutique Care Homes, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, saying, “The level of creativity and involvement from our residents, teams, and local communities in this year’s Arts in Care Homes Week was truly heartwarming. It’s inspiring to witness the power of art in bringing generations together, fostering a sense of community, and creating meaningful reflections on life.”

The competition was fierce, with entries surpassing the quality and quantity seen in previous quarters. Residents and teams from Boutique Care Homes left no stone unturned in their pursuit of artistic excellence, and it was not an easy task for the judging panel to select the winners.

The Winners of the Arts in Care Homes Week 2023 are as follows.

Brampton Manor emerged as the winner in the category of Arts and Community Involvement.

Brampton Manor organised a community art exhibition in collaboration with St Louis Academy, a local primary school. Students from year 6 contributed drawings, which were displayed at the home, and residents had the honour of selecting three winners. In addition, Brampton Manor residents painted two magnificent reflective peacocks, symbolising intergenerational reflection.

Special mention should also go to those who entered the category of Creative Writing which saw poignant and evocative poems from Brampton Manor residents, reminiscing about their childhood memories and life.

“Remembering Summers,” was penned by Gill Ellison, while “Reflections on a holiday” was written by Betty Kenna, and “REFLECTIONS” was a collaborative effort by the residents on Darley.  Jean Aves, the poetry winner from the spring competition, also contributed a fantastic entry titled simply, “Reflections.”

Chartwell House secured victory in the category of Physical Expression.

Chartwell House organised a special Tai Chi class during Arts in Care Homes Week as a way of bringing the whole home together in movement. Tai Chi not only promotes physical fitness but also offers emotional and mental benefits, making it a valuable activity for the residents.

Further applause should also go to Georgie, the Deputy Manager at Chartwell House, who showcased her knitting talents by creating adorable knitted elephants and sheep.  In Creative Writing, Gerald Gold’s captivating piece, “A day at Anchor,” left a lasting impression on the judges, showcasing his descriptive storytelling skills. Additionally, Chartwell House invited Thanet Primary School to share their poetry, fostering heartwarming interactions between residents and children.

The Burlington took performance to new heights claiming the win in the category of Performing Arts.

The highlight of their Performing Arts entry was where residents and the team created a vibrant atmosphere filled with singing and dancing. George’s energetic dance performance stole the show, captivating the hearts of all in attendance.

The Burlington also demonstrated their prowess in the category of Creative Arts, producing breathtaking silk paintings and floral creations. Their dedication to artistic expression was truly commendable.

Overall Winner Announced:

With so many exception entries and all 3 homes claiming top honours in different categories, the competition was fierce for the overall winner of Boutique Care Homes Arts In Care Homes Competition.

This year, Brampton Manor clinched the title of Overall Winner for their exceptional Community Involvement entry, which truly embodied the spirit of this year’s theme, ‘reflections.’

Boutique Care Homes extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the residents and teams who participated in this year’s Arts in Care Homes Week. Certificates will be provided to share with beloved residents and team members, and updates will be shared with the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), as this competition is run nationally by them.

As we reflect on the incredible talent and creativity showcased during this event, Boutique Care Homes looks forward to continuing its commitment to fostering a vibrant, artistic, and inclusive environment for residents and their communities.