Boutique Care Homes Summer Competition Winners Announced!

Boutique Care Homes' summer competitions showcased exceptional creativity and community spirit, with impressive entries in hanging baskets, creative planters, and wildlife photography. Residents, families, and team created lasting, cherished memories.

At Boutique Care Homes, we believe in fostering creativity and community spirit among our residents, families, and team. Our summer competitions provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to showcase their talents and bond over shared activities. We are thrilled to share the highlights of these competitions, where our homes demonstrated remarkable innovation and teamwork.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Ameet Kotecha remarked, “I am immensely proud of the incredible creativity and dedication shown by our teams and residents during our summer competitions. The love and genuine connection captured in your entries are truly inspiring. Congratulations to all our winners and participants for making this event unforgettable.”

Priya Bhayani, our Quality Director, added, “The standard of entries this summer has been exceptional. The innovative and artistic approaches taken by our homes have set a new benchmark for creativity within Boutique Care Homes. It’s heartening to see such enthusiasm and talent across the board.”

The Senior Management Team of Boutique Care Homes had the pleasure of reviewing numerous outstanding entries for our summer competitions. It was no easy task to select winners, as each home showcased remarkable talent and effort. We’re excited to announce the winners and special mentions for each category:

Hanging Baskets

Winner: The Burlington The Burlington wowed us with their traditional hanging baskets, beautifully displayed in their courtyard garden. Adding a unique touch, they incorporated resident-painted bird feeders, creating a charming and vibrant scene.

Special Mention: Brampton Manor & Chartwell House

  • Brampton Manor: Innovatively crafted hanging baskets from recycled water bottles, each holding a pansy and displayed as a cluster of pendant lights.
  • Chartwell House: Designed a fresh herb basket featuring curry plant, mint, and rosemary, alongside another basket with pea pods and strawberries—a creative twist on the concept!

Creative Planters

Winner: Brampton Manor Brampton Manor impressed us with their exquisite planters, including floral displays in wellie boots and a wheelbarrow themed around D-Day, paying tribute to veterans. Their fun themes also included movie night and cheese and wine planters, topped off by team plant pot characters.

Special Mention: Chartwell House Chartwell House showcased exceptional planters with a beach theme on one side of the garden and a winter walk theme on the other. Their creative use of white stones and thematic decorations brought these concepts to life beautifully.

Wildlife Photography

Winner: Chartwell House Chartwell House presented a stunning gallery capturing magical moments of nature. Highlights included caterpillars turning into butterflies, a slow worm, a baby dove, and even a snail that climbed two floors. Residents and the team thoroughly enjoyed this immersive experience.

Special Mention: The Burlington The Burlington’s residents captured delightful photographs within their grounds and local area, including images of snails, a swan and geese on the Thames, and an octopus tree in Virginia Water. Their unique blend of photography and art, with residents painting their photos on canvas, was especially noteworthy.

Honourable Mentions

We also want to highlight some special contributions across our homes:

  • Chartwell House’s art festival included such a wonderful variety of activities for residents, tea, their loved and the community to enjoy. The inter-generational art, still life drawing and their resident Gerald’s artwork were superb.
  • Chartwell House’s pendants made by the residents were beautiful and the wishing arches in the garden – wishes from residents are such a meaningful idea.
  • Brampton Manor’s floral ethos and values display is absolutely beautiful, with residents holding a letter representing the B-O-U-T-I-Q-U-E acronym and really meaningful to see it come alive. Overall Brampton’s garden is looking stunning with the different themes.
  • Brampton Manor’s Derby races around their very own horse racing track gave such joy to residents, their loved ones, team and visitors whilst the pony visits to residents were so heart-warming to see.
  • The Burlington’s photo collage, collating the residents and team busy crafting their competition entries was really beautifully presented within the home’s reception area.
  • The Burlington had a gorgeous terrarium jar with colourful flowers that had travelled the world with one of their residents!
    Across the homes, we have many budding photographers, not just the residents but also their loved ones and the team – big well done to you all on showcasing some local wildlife and nature.

We encourage everyone to explore our Facebook pages to appreciate the wonderful and unique ideas shared across our community. A big thank you to all team members, residents, and families for their enthusiasm and involvement. Your efforts have created lasting memories and rekindled new skills and hobbies among residents.

Stay tuned for the next quarter’s competition criteria, coming in August. Until then, we wish everyone at Boutique Care Homes a fantastic summer!