Brampton Manor & Newmarket Avenue Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser Exceeds Expectations

Under sunny skies, the Newmarket Avenue Bowls Club hosted the Brampton Manor & Newmarket Avenue Bowl-a-Thon Fundraiser, attracting over 100 enthusiastic supporters. The event, spanning from 10 am on a Sunday to 10 am on Monday, was a resounding success, emphasising unity, enjoyment, and generosity.

The day commenced with club chairman Bryan Short’s ceremonial first bowl, accompanied by the blast of an air horn. From that point on, an atmosphere of goodwill and community prevailed. Club members and volunteers were on hand throughout the day, providing guidance to newcomers eager to try lawn bowling.

James Chandler, Admissions Manager at Brampton Manor Care Home and a key organizer, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The Bowl-a-Thon has been a heart-warming journey of community unity. Witnessing volunteers come together to support this cause has been inspiring. The dedication displayed, from rolling bowls to serving food, underscores the power of collective goodwill.”

As the day unfolded, various activities kept the energy levels high. A tombola and cake stall offered excitement, while the bar, managed by dedicated members, provided much-needed refreshments. The irresistible aroma of a sizzling BBQ filled the air, selling out within an hour, demonstrating the community’s appetite for enjoyment and delicious food.

The Bowl-a-Thon aimed for inclusivity, offering special bowls games for younger children, fostering a sense of belonging and shared excitement within the community.

A remarkable achievement of the day was the sheer number of bowls rolled – over 50,000 bowls in total. Special recognition goes to volunteers who persevered into the late hours, especially Robin Waterhouse, Sandra Waterhouse, Marcus Fuller, Jim, and James Chandler from Brampton Manor Care Home, who played through the night and early morning.

At its core, the event embodied the spirit of giving. As the event concluded, a significant sum of over £1,500.00 had been raised for the Newmarket Avenue Bowls Club and its vital initiatives. This success stands as a testament to the strength of a community united by a shared purpose.

Although the Bowl-a-Thon has ended, its impact will reverberate for years to come, illustrating what can be achieved when a community comes together with dedication, enthusiasm, and the drive to create positive change.