Chartwell House launches Life-Saving Campaign

Chartwell House by Boutique Care Homes has launched a life-saving initiative to raise funds for a community defibrillator installation in 2023. Committed to the safety and well-being of its residents and neighbours, Chartwell House will host a series of events aimed at empowering the community with swift access to critical life-saving equipment during cardiac emergencies.

Cardiac incidents strike unpredictably and demand immediate intervention. With over 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occurring annually in the United Kingdom, survival rates remain dishearteningly low at 1 in 10. Yet, the chance of survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest can be increased two-to-threefold by the immediate provision of bystander CPR and defibrillation.

Diane Collins, Home Manager at Chartwell House, emphasised the importance of the fundraising initiative, stating, “Our mission extends beyond providing exceptional care to our residents. Installing a community defibrillator is a powerful way to create a safer environment and empower our community.”

Chartwell House acknowledges the community’s support and seeks to give back through this crucial project. The upcoming events organised by the care home will not only raise funds but also foster a spirit of unity and solidarity among residents and neighbours.

Community defibrillators, or automated external defibrillators (AEDs), are user-friendly devices designed to analyse heart rhythms and deliver electric shocks if required. Their presence in public spaces enables even untrained individuals to administer life-saving aid until professional medical help arrives.

The benefits of having a community defibrillator nearby are immense:

  1. Save Lives: AEDs significantly improve survival rates during cardiac emergencies, providing vital support until emergency services arrive.
  2. Minimise Response Time: Immediate access to a defibrillator saves precious minutes, increasing the chances of successful resuscitation.
  3. Empower the Community: Installing a public defibrillator empowers community members to take action and make a difference in emergencies.

Chartwell House invites the community to participate in these events, coming together to create a safer and more resilient neighbourhood. “Our upcoming events embody the spirit of unity and care that defines our community. Let’s join hands and make a life-saving difference – together, we can create a safer haven for all,” said Jude Coveney, Admissions Manager at Chartwell House.

As Chartwell House drives this critical fundraising effort, every contribution counts. Together, we can save lives and strengthen our community’s safety. Join Chartwell House on this heartfelt mission to ensure a brighter and healthier future for all.

For more information about the upcoming fundraising events and more detail on this campaign please call 01843 264 896 or visiting Chartwell House’s Facebook Page at: