Daphne’s 45-Year Yoga Journey Inspires Club Launch at The Burlington

In the heart of The Burlington by Boutique Care Homes, a quiet revolution is taking place, led by the spirited Daphne Read. At the age of 94, Daphne has not only embraced the ancient practice of yoga for an impressive 45 years but has also taken it upon herself to share its myriad benefits with her fellow residents, initiating a vibrant yoga club within the care home.

Daphne’s journey with yoga began long before it became a popular fitness trend. In her own words, “I’ve been doing yoga for something like 45 years. I was always interested before I went to yoga and learned about it. I was always very interested in exercises.” Even in the early days, Daphne’s passion for movement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle was evident. She hosted weekly classes in her house, welcoming friends to join her in the pursuit of physical well-being.

Over the years, Daphne has witnessed the evolution of yoga, yet she notes that its core essence remains unchanged. “Yeah, it’s very much the same. But of course, yoga and the Indian philosophies, it’s all much of a muchness.” she reflects. Daphne’s commitment to standing yoga sets her apart, emphasizing the importance of stretching the body to maintain vitality. “We really had the idea with yoga that you’ve stretched your body, you stretched it, you stretched it. And that is what keeps you going” she explains, underlining the timeless benefits of this ancient practice.

With a background deeply rooted in movement – her mother being a professional dancer, and herself proficient in ballroom dancing – Daphne attributes her continued mobility to her active lifestyle. “My mother was a professional dancer, so it’s in my blood. Very active movement is in the blood. I’ve always loved movement and I love dancing and everything to do with it.” she shares. This love for movement, instilled in her by her parents, has become the driving force behind her dedication to yoga.

Having already conducted a yoga session for her fellow residents at The Burlington, Daphne seamlessly assumed the role from a former carer. When asked about the benefits of yoga for the residents, she articulates, “It’s a chance to have a natter and a laugh and a giggle with others. This is just as important as keep moving.”

Daphne’s yoga club isn’t just about physical exercise; it’s a holistic approach to well-being. It provides an opportunity for residents to engage in a shared activity, fostering a sense of community and connection. The sessions are not just about stretching muscles but also about stretching smiles and laughter, creating a space for social interaction and joy.

Emma Dudhee, the Home Manager at The Burlington, expresses her admiration, stating, “Witnessing Daphne’s passion for yoga and the vibrant energy she brings to The Burlington’s new yoga club is truly inspiring. Her 45 years of experience infuse every session with wisdom, creating a sense of community and well-being that enriches the lives of our residents.”

As Daphne Read continues to inspire and lead the way, The Burlington’s Yoga Club stands as a testament to the enduring power of movement, camaraderie, and the ageless practice of yoga. Through her passion and commitment, Daphne has not only brought the benefits of yoga to her peers but has also created a space where laughter and connection thrive, making each session a celebration of life and vitality within the care home.