Poetry Runner Up: Chartwell House Poetry Club

Boutique Care Homes recently held a Boutique Poetry Competition that invited our residents and team members to compose a poem based on Spring/Easter that incorporated our eight core values. We were delighted to receive many wonderful entries, including the runner-up poem by the Chartwell House Poetry Club.

This poem is a celebration of the beauty and vibrancy of spring, from the blooming flowers to the rising Christ. It captures the essence of our core values, reminding us of the importance of community and the joy of new beginnings.

We invite you to read this beautiful poem below.

Chartwell House Poetry Club.

Sunshine and showers,

Beautiful flowers

Rainbows and romance

A Maypole dance,

Christ rising,

Birds flying,

Cut grass, morning dew,

White lambs, sky blue,

What does spring mean to you?