Poetry Winner: Spring Everyday by Jean Aves, Brampton Manor

At Boutique Care Homes, we recently held the Boutique Poetry Competition that invited our residents and team members to compose a poem based on Spring/Easter that incorporated our eight core values. We were thrilled to receive many beautiful entries, but one in particular stood out – “Spring Everyday” by Jean Aves from Brampton Manor.


Jean’s poem expresses her gratitude and joy for being part of the wonderful family at Brampton Manor. Her words capture the essence of our core values and remind us of the beauty of springtime.

We invite you to read her inspiring poem below.

Spring Everyday – By Jean Aves – Brampton Manor


Brampton Manor here we go again,

What more can I possibly say,

Again I am taxing my brain

To find something more that just may

Be enough to fully explain

The joy that I feel everyday,

To be part of this wonderful family.


What can I possibly do

To repay the kindness and care

From the wonderfully loving few,

To the residents who are well aware

Of the devoted staff waiting to renew

Their duties each day of their care.


It’s like spring everyday

I thank God when I pray,

For finding this glorious place,

Brampton Manor you are my spring.