Chartwell House Launches 2nd Annual Festive Food Pantry

On Saturday, 9th December, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Chartwell House by Boutique Care Homes will host the 2nd annual, Festive Food Pantry at St Laurence Church Hall in Ramsgate, CT11 0QT. This charitable event embodies the spirit of the holiday season, offering support to local families facing food poverty during Christmas.

In 2022, the Festive Food Pantry lent a helping hand to over 30 families in need, and this year, their mission is to expand their reach even further. The 2022 success was made possible thanks to the heartfelt support of the local community, including generous contributions from the public and nearby businesses. The hope is that this sense of unity will once again shine through in 2023.

The Festive Food Pantry is proudly delivered in conjunction with the Parish of St Laurence. The partnership with the Parish underscores the spirit of community togetherness in Thanet through their efforts support families in need during the holiday season. It's a testament to the power of communities coming together to make a positive impact. Through this partnership, they aim to extend our reach and provide assistance to even more families, making this festive season a brighter and more inclusive time for everyone in our community.

Diane Collins, Home Manager of Chartwell House Care Home, shared her perspective, saying, "The Festive Food Pantry reflects Chartwell House's enduring commitment to making a positive impact on our community. We believe in the power of love during the holiday season, and there's no better way to express it than by offering a helping hand to those in need."

Jude Coveney, Admissions Manager of Chartwell House, also expressed her sentiments: "Our doors are open to all who wish to partake in this heartwarming initiative. It's not just about providing food; it's about kindling warmth and hope within our community."

This special event invites everyone to join in spreading the spirit of giving. For those seeking more information, the opportunity to contribute, or simply to participate in this act of compassion, they can call 01843 264 896.


Fest Food Pantry by Chartwell House Care Home