Pink Power Unites: Chartwell House’s Stand for Breast Cancer Awareness

Chartwell House by Boutique Care Homes is proud to announce the overwhelming success of their Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Chartwell House by Boutique Care Homes is proud to announce the overwhelming success of their Breast Cancer Awareness Day. This important event, held in support of Breast Cancer Now’s Wear it Pink campaign, not only raised an impressive £336.00 but also highlighted the critical importance of regular breast checks for all genders.

Wear it Pink, one of the UK’s most significant fundraising events during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has witnessed thousands of people across the nation coming together to support this noble cause. Over the years, this campaign has raised over £39 million, and the fight against breast cancer continues.

Chartwell House, a care home renowned for its commitment to community engagement, showcased its unwavering support for breast cancer awareness in a unique and heartwarming way.

Residents and team members at Chartwell House collaborating to create unique hand-printed t-shirts. These t-shirts were not just items for sale but symbols of unity, proudly worn by everyone in attendance, symbolising their unwavering dedication.

An eye-opening screening of an NHS breast screening video, projected on the large screen in the Bistro. This informative session provided the perfect backdrop for guests to immerse themselves in knowledge about breast health, stressing the importance of regular screenings & breast checks, regardless of gender.

To add a delightful touch, Chartwell House offered delicious pink milkshakes and pink-frosted cupcakes, enticing attendees to savour a taste of pink while supporting the cause. The day was not only about awareness but also engagement. An array of interactive activities, including a breast screening treasure hunt and a sweepstake also took place.


To cap it all, everyone who had purchased Chartwell House’s distinctive hand-printed t-shirts wore them with pride, creating a visually striking sea of pink support that echoed their commitment to the fight against breast cancer.

Jude Coveney, Admissions Manager at Chartwell House, expressed her joy, stating, “The success of our Breast Cancer Awareness Day goes beyond the funds we raised. It showcased the incredible spirit of our community, coming together for a meaningful cause. We are proud to have made a difference.”

Breast cancer is a disease that knows no gender boundaries. Early detection is the key to improved outcomes, and events like this play a crucial role in raising awareness about the signs and symptoms.

Diane Collins, Home Manager at Chartwell House, stressed the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness, saying, “Our commitment to this cause is unwavering. Breast cancer affects many lives, and by spreading awareness, we contribute to the mission of ensuring that everyone diagnosed with breast cancer lives well.”

The fight against breast cancer remains a critical cause, and the support of all individuals is essential. To learn more and support Breast Cancer Now, please visit

Chartwell House and its community stand united, driving breast cancer awareness and support for those affected by this disease. Together, we can make a significant difference. For further information about Chartwell House and their ongoing initiatives, visit